The Male Package (Part 2) instruction Jul 10, 2022

As I said in my earlier post, the male package is always moving. We instruct our figure models to be "still like a statue." This is not easy. It's physically difficult, and at the same time, it's empowering knowing that everyone is focused on your body trying to draw it.

Partly it's knowing what...

The Male Package instruction Jul 08, 2022

The Male Package. It's a thing of beauty and weird looking at the same time. Just because you may be an owner of one doesn't mean you know how to draw it. We all have faces and hands and they are a challenge to draw, right?

See some drawings from our teacher Naruki Kukita below... Log in to see...

Using the head to measure the male upper torso instruction Jan 12, 2022

Instructional Video: Artist John shows how he roughs out a drawing of the male upper torso of figure model Dave using the head as a measuring guide. 

(Partial transcript, edited for length and public consumption) 

I'm just going to draw a straight line down to just establish his stance....