Vulnerabilty and Gender with MATTEO! announcements Feb 24, 2021


SAT Feb 27
10a-12p PT (California)
1-3p ET (NYC)
6-8p GMT (London)
7-9p EU
5-7a AEST (Sydney)

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Draw TERRY announcements Feb 16, 2021

Male art model Terry poses for Men Drawing Men. He calls himself a "fat Adonis." Draw his beautiful assets! As with all our models, he won't be wearing any clothes.

THURSDAY Feb 18, 7-9p ET (NYC)

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Draw DERRON announcements Feb 01, 2021

DRAW DERRON! SUNDAY Feb 7, 12-2p ET (earlier start than usual)

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Derron will pose the entire session.

Draw DAMIAN DRAGON announcements Jan 24, 2021


FRI January 29, 7-9p ET NYC (evening session)

Damian will pose for the entire session.

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Watch: DAMIAN In His Own Words (video)

(CORE Members: you do NOT need to buy an Eventbrite ticket (unless you want the video...

Draw VALTON & STEPHANE announcements Jan 14, 2021

SAT Jan 16, 2021, 1-3p ET (NYC) 

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VALTON and STEPHANE will pose separately.. 


CLAUDIO: SAT Jan 2, 1-3p ET (NYC) announcements Dec 27, 2020

SAT Jan 2, 2021, 1-3p ET (NYC) 

Tickets via Eventbrite:

(CORE Members: you do NOT need to buy an Eventbrite ticket. The Zoom link is in your members area. Just click at the session time.)

CLAUDIO will pose for the entire...

FRI Dec 18, 7-9p ET (NYC) Aaron and Rod announcements Dec 09, 2020

Male art models Aaron and Rod pose for Men Drawing Men. Each will pose separately. Friday December 18, 7-9pm ET. Tickets via Eventbrite.

(NOTE: Men Drawing Men Core members are free)


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