Artist and Model Zaddy Zick - Art Model Interview models Mar 02, 2021

ZADDY ZICK talks about how he got started as an art model and how being an artist himself informs his modeling. He also talks about his hobbies that he has been able to do while staying indoors. Interview by Shungaboy.

In the longer Members' Version, Zaddy Zick talks about how some of his fans...

Vulnerabilty and Gender with MATTEO! announcements Feb 24, 2021


SAT Feb 27
10a-12p PT (California)
1-3p ET (NYC)
6-8p GMT (London)
7-9p EU
5-7a AEST (Sydney)

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MATTEO In His Own Words - Art Model Interview models Feb 23, 2021

Art model Matteo talks about his acting career and how modeling has played a part. He describes his personal exploration of gender and sexuality including a role in a recent film as a male to female trans woman. Interview by Shungaboy.

Matteo will be posing virtually for an online session of Men...

Draw TERRY announcements Feb 16, 2021

Male art model Terry poses for Men Drawing Men. He calls himself a "fat Adonis." Draw his beautiful assets! As with all our models, he won't be wearing any clothes.

THURSDAY Feb 18, 7-9p ET (NYC)

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TERRY In His Own Words - Art Model Interview models Feb 16, 2021

Terry talks about his tattoos, his workout routine (to get his fine rear end), and his ideal "shocking" vacation. Art model Terry will be posing for Men Drawing Men. Interview by Shungaboy.

DRAW TERRY! (virtual session)

THURSDAY, Feb 18, 2021, 7-9p ET (NYC)

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Draw DERRON announcements Feb 01, 2021

DRAW DERRON! SUNDAY Feb 7, 12-2p ET (earlier start than usual)

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Derron will pose the entire session.

DERRON In His Own Words - Art Model Interview models Jan 31, 2021

Art model Derron is interviewed by Shungaboy. Derron talks about body confidence, being a black art model, Black Lives Matter, a model's place in society, and being a role model for younger men.

DRAW DERRON! SUNDAY Feb 7, 12-2p ET (earlier start than usual)

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For the love of art: Posing nude as a source of empowerment guest_post models Jan 26, 2021

GUEST POST* by @aaronartmodel

Happy new year, everyone! Globally speaking, I hope 2021 brings some of the joy that was conspicuously absent from 2020. This was a rough year for many of us, but with challenge comes opportunity. What I mean by that is, if it weren’t for the pandemic, I would...

Draw DAMIAN DRAGON announcements Jan 24, 2021


FRI January 29, 7-9p ET NYC (evening session)

Damian will pose for the entire session.

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Watch: DAMIAN In His Own Words (video)

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DAMIAN In His Own Words (public) models Jan 24, 2021

Art model Damian Dragon is interviewed by Shungaboy. Damian talks about his art modeling, and his tattoos.

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DRAW DAMIAN! FRIDAY JANUARY 29, 7-9p ET (evening session)

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Draw VALTON & STEPHANE announcements Jan 14, 2021

SAT Jan 16, 2021, 1-3p ET (NYC) 

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VALTON and STEPHANE will pose separately.. 


STEPHANE In His Own Words - Art Model Interview (video) models Jan 14, 2021

Stephane is interviewed by Shungaboy.

Stephane was on Italy's gymnastic team as a youth. He started doing street performance in front of Centre Georges Pompidou and eventually started his own company. He will be posing for Men Drawing Men this Saturday.


SAT Jan 16, 2021,...