"I'm very eccentric" -Jason Bascome In His Own Words

models Mar 16, 2021

Jason Bascome IG: @bda_2_ldn will pose for Men Drawing Men on SAT March 20, 2-4p ET (NYC). Tickets via Eventbrite: https://mdmmar20.eventbrite.com

I'm very eccentric. I'm not your average day person. I'm not something that everyone would love. You know what I mean? Or like, um, so I am a model that's from Bermuda, 34 years old, um, been a person that always lived his best happy life. Um, and always had a zen like more of a sense of how life should be. Um, I'm a baby of my family. So that said, I come from a very, um, close knit family, small Island. And as I ventured out, and when I left Bermuda I actually was with Up With People, I actually decided to, um, come to UK for my sister's wedding. Um, and then I stayed so 10 years later, I'm here. Modeling, I've been doing it for two years consistently. Finding my lane. That's how I say modeling is like fashion. It's so many different layers. Anyone could be a life model.

Um, like I said, I went through a phase of not knowing if I want to do modeling. And then I jumped right into it. Um, when I jumped right into it, dabbled with a few photographers and I didn't like it. I'm kind of used as a dummy, a mannequin per se, I did have no say on it. Modeling, the model gets the short end of the stick. I felt, Whoa, this is uncharted water for me to express myself. Pursued other things from mixology, to events, the working in a high-end private club. Yeah. I done a lot of things, but then I felt like a servant. It's just, I've done a lot. So I never done something for myself. Also, I got qualified, the personal trainer. So it was like, Jason, where are you? What are you doing? Um, so when I came back into life modeling, I want to see myself as into modeling.

I want to see myself, um, vulnerable in front of artists. Um, not just nude, um, in front of artists, but actual, um, a drawer or someone to perceive me from what they see on canvas and then put it on canvas. Then I just decided to go through an Avenue of like, this is really cool, and I can express myself. I'm a real dynamic model, even there like..., But I'm also humbled to know that what I have going on myself and don't always want to be a model. Um, and I know models to get the short end of the stick. And I know there's a lot of underrepresented models and I know it's a big industry filled with people, but is not diversified or now we're coming to diversity and now we're going to, um, create the people that's highly represented and then bring them down. And not just, instead of just bringing, not bringing, no equalize everyone, bring it all up, you know?

So that's where that shift of balance needs to come, like consistently around the board, within our, um, art community. Have a real effect on how people see art and how it really changes people's perceptions on life, like period. Um, I can't say enough, that's my, that's my struggle right now. I'm really trying to put that impact in what we are doing now in 2021 and on. I'm not worried about the past. I found like this was a chill way to like meditate. This was the perfect way to relax Jason. Was to have him, sit down, kumbaya, get into a pose and let people just draw. You just feel, uh, energy to be their muse for that time.

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