Fish and Chips to Underwear Poses - Dave In His Own Words

May 01, 2021

Art model Dave talks about his career and being a model. He will pose for Men Drawing Men on May 2,2021.

Model Dave:
Interviewer Shungaboy:
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I live in a city called Ely about 15 miles from Cambridge itself, a nice part of the East of England that we call The Fens, very flat. And when the wind blows, it comes straight across from Russia, nothing to stop it. It's pretty chilly sometime.
Now I was working as a product manager. My job moved North. I didn't want to move North. I sort of semi-retired and just doing some consultancy work in the financial services sector. And at weekend I run around on the football pitch refereeing. So that keeps me fit and healthy.

And it's good fun. So I do, I do men, women and what they call Colts, which is under nineteens. So we get, you know, quite a range. I did an under-ten game last weekend, and I was nearly tripping over the players as they huddled around after the ball. I enjoy it a lot. The day I don't enjoy it, I'll stop doing it. But, as long as I can keep up with the players, that'll do me.

Oh... I was, when I was at school up till about 16, 17. I was a right-winger. So, I used to play for the school, but that was about, that was about my level.

I do some stuff at home, especially, after lockdown came and you couldn't go to the gym anymore, so I just got some kits at home and I do a few workout routines that I have on video feeds. I lost a bit of motivation. I think like so many others did.
Running wise, I like to run through purpose. So the referee is good for that. Sometimes over a weekend, I'll do three or four matches. So, but I do, I like walking and hiking.

Most of it is genetics. I think I really take after my dad He's the same physique. I've been the same size since I was 18, as I am now. I used to race motor bikes for a while, as an amateur club racer. And I can still get in my leathers from those days. They're a bit more worn out than I am. I'm pleased to say. I can eat pretty much what I like, I tend to cook most evenings. I might have the occasional fish and chips on the Friday, very traditional here in the UK, of course.

Probably just over a year and a bit now. A couple of friends said, "Oh, you should be on Instagram." I started off just taking what I call a series of standard underwear poses, and then a local artist got in touch and said, you know, "would you like to come and model for me?" Still looking forward to doing my first LIVE life modeling session. Hopefully now that things are improving here in the UK, artists can get back together. But in the meantime, Zoom's keeping us all going.

I think certainly in terms of body confidence. Yes. I mean, I've always been slim and skinny as some people might say. And sometimes that's not the most attractive feature, but, I've learned to appreciate myself a bit more through that to express myself a little bit more. I mean, I'm relatively introverted. The life modeling enables you to bring a different type of thing personality to the experience. When you're coming up with poses, it's just left to your imagination and interpretation. And I think you can express yourself and your personality through that.

And I have to say the quality of artists you get in these groups is amazing. And I just love seeing the way different people take the same view because of course, with a zoom session, everybody gets exactly the same view. I don't paint or draw myself. I could do doodles. You know it's really good to see just how people do translate what they say through their camera, into a beautiful piece of art.

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