Drawing Male Dancers - DMAC!

models Jan 19, 2022

I love drawing dancers.

Dancers have great control of their bodies and know innately what looks good.

If they are doing a dance routine, they move gracefully and seemingly effortlessly.

With a male dancer especially, I feel the power as they move or fly through the air.

The emotion and energy that comes through his body is pure beauty.

But, it's really challenging to draw a moving body! Don't worry, DMAC will not be dancing for this drawing session. He will give us dance-informed still poses to draw.

Pro tip: there is a lot of expression in his hands and feet. It's not necessary to draw every finger or toe to capture this. For a short pose, you might just draw the outside curve of his hand and the fingers (often the thumb and index finger) that are the essence of the hand gesture.

Live from London, draw dancer, artist, and figure model DMAC

Please join us this Saturday, Jan 22, 12-2p ET (NYC time). This will be an artistic drawing session. Click the link below.

Tickets via Eventbrite: https://mdmjan22.eventbrite.com

DMAC is a member of Gay Men's Dance Company. Here's a clip from a dance class.

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