Sensual and emotional in spirit – ROD In His Own Words

models May 10, 2021
ROD is interviewed by Shungaboy.
He will pose for Men Drawing Men on May 12,2021.

Model ROD:
Interviewer Shungaboy:
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 license

Hi, Rod. It is nice to see you again. You posed for us earlier this year. What interested you to be an art model?

If I think about it, what initially got me into modeling is wanting to get over a fear that I've always had growing up, not feeling comfortable with my body, my own body. After many years of really diving into fitness and eating really helped me. I became a lot more confident in my body and thought the best avenue to even break out my comfort zone was posing nude for artist groups. I knew that it would be challenging for me to try to get over a fear that I had, challenge myself to be more comfortable in my own skin.
So, tell me about some of your hobbies here or photography

One the most important things to me is my artwork, being a visual artist, especially photography, photography. That's one of my most passionate things to do. That's why I take so much pride in a lot of my self-photography that you may see on Instagram. I really take pride in, in figure modeling in capturing poses that are very like sensual and, somewhat emotional in spirit. I enjoy just displaying my body in certain angles that cast certain shadows. Hopefully people see them as really, thought out, I put a lot of thought into how I position myself.

I kind of miss the connection that I had being in front of a live audience. So I think one thing that I do like about the zoom sessions, and especially with your group is being able to see the renderings after the session. And one other thing that I do enjoy about the zoom sessions is just seeing the dedication of artists' willingness still to pursue art, even during the height of a pandemic.

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