"...I forgot how painful it is..." - Camilo In His Own Words

models Mar 30, 2021

Art model Camilo talks about his art, male nude art in Colombia, and what was surprising about posing for artists.

Camilo will pose for an artistic drawing session (virtual) for Men Drawing Men on SAT April 3, 2-4p ET (NYC).

Tickets via Eventbrite https://mdmapr3.eventbrite.com

Model IG: https://www.instagram.com/caeste8/
Interviewer: Shungaboy https://www.instagram.com/shungaboy/
Music: "At The Shore" Kevin MacLeod (www.incomptech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0

Tell us about your artwork:

This couple of years, I've been painting a lot, oil painting, but I like to just experiment. And I like, of course, the capacity you have in art to communicate, not only with words, but with pictures, it's kind of like an exploring kind of thing. I like the body, I like architecture, combining those two because it's kind of like the same. If we are a "soul" and our bodies are home kind of thing. And we're bodies, but we live in houses.

Your artist community:

But with my friends, we try to maintain, like the motivation to paint, to draw, and to do stuff. But me particularly I'm not that into the art community in the city. So it's a little bit hard, but it's nice. I mean, you have a lot of nice artists, painters too. There's a lot of diversity.

Male nude art in Colombia:

I think it's a taboo, like more than the female body, because people are more used to see the female body, like because of the music, media and all that. But also, it's very like sexualized. But with males, I think it makes people uncomfortable. It's difficult to be a little bit open about it.

Being an artist and a model:

I love to work with artists. Like, I like to think I know what can I offer to them, because I would like to see it myself and to have fun, of course. For my friends, actually it's a little bit of a curiosity thing, but it's fine. It's fine.

Tell us a little about you:

I'm very chill most of the time. I like to be creative, it's one of my favorite things of the human experience to be able to grab stuff and to transform them. I'm very shy most of the time. Yeah, because I like to be with myself. I like to stay calm and to work. I'm a family-driven guy. I like to explore too, but in my terms.

What surprised you about art modeling?

You never know how painful it is. It's really painful. And sometimes I can spend like a week without posing, and I forgot how painful it is. So it's really surprising. And the body is meant for movement. So it's really difficult. And it's interesting to see how when you're holding something that needs to move, even your eyes. If you stare at one point, your eyes start to "I want to move, I want to move" so that sensation of moment is really interesting. And me, I love it, but it's difficult in a nice way...

Your poses:

I like to put a little bit of narrative in what I do, but I also want to do something more with the expression of the body. The body is a landscape, too. So it's nice to have those maybe abstract angles that you can maybe get into the body in a different, see the body in a different way.

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