Gay Pride Was My First Time Modeling – BRANDEN In His Own Words

models Jun 11, 2021

Branden talks about being a behavioral therapist, sewing, being a skinny kid, and his first time posing, which was at gay pride!

Branden will pose for Men Drawing Men on June 13, 2021.


Interviewer Shungaboy:

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My name is Branden Hopkins. I graduated from University of California, Riverside, majored in psychology, definitely like social and behavioral sciences. I work as a behavioral therapist helping out kids and families with autism, just learning new skills or adaptive behaviors so that they can function more appropriately in different social settings.


I do like to write scripts for movies, scripts for something that could be a television show. I had one script that I wrote for a web series before when I was involved in a film club in back in college, I definitely like reading about anything psychology related in my own time.


Lately, I've been getting into sewing that has a very steep learning curve. So that's something that I can see taking a while for the time being, but it is something that I enjoy. I think that allows me to be a little bit more creative. I sew basic stuff like shorts or like a shirt or something like that. The main thing about that is that it's very time consuming, but I mean, for me to make even a tank top will take me about three hours.


So I am remember back in high school being six' one, and I was about 130 pounds. I looked very thin. I know some people who even thought I was anorexic. That's when I had started on my fitness journey. And when I was 17, I remember taking a weightlifting class instead of more general physical education course.


When it comes to, I guess, diet, if you will. I don't like to call it diet when it comes to nutrition for me is I do like to eat about every five to six times per day, high protein, moderate carbs, high fat, that kind of stuff. Just really allow me to keep in the calories to keep my weight up.


Well, what I would like to do is work out about every other day. I do one day upper body, another day, lower body. And then, so that third day will be shoulders and arms. And then if I go a fourth time for the week, I just kind of do whatever I feel I was lagging on during the week. Or I could just do something like abs or just a little bit of extra cardio.


It's never been anything consistent. But I mean, the first time I did it was probably about eight years ago. I actually think it's really cool because when I was younger, I actually liked to draw. So I can do a little bit more than like a stick figure. But just when I look at a lot of different, you know, work, I just think it's very impressive, amazed at what people can do. I definitely like seeing how different people can make one individual look different depending on just what they personally see.


The only surprise Was probably like the first time I modeled, I thought it would have been more or less in a private area. It was actually at gay pride. So it was kind of out in the open. And then, so when I got there, it was just, oh, like you're modeling in front of this large crowd. I wasn't. Some other models that were doing modeling, some of them were doing it nude. I was just in underwear. So, but then when other people doing it nude, I was just like, oh wow, that's impressive. And I was like, oh, okay. Someone's confident. No, I don't know. Maybe. I would actually have to think about it. I haven't thought about it actually.

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